1) What is your Cancellation policy?

To be fair to our team and to other clients, we like to have at least 24 hours notice if you’re going to cancel your appointment. Hairdressers can lose thousands of dollars a year due to cancellations and no-shows. As of now, we don’t hold a deposit or take a credit card to hold your reservation – so play nice and so will we! To get the most out of your service, please arrive on time.

2) Why Provo?

Shep was born and raised in Utah County, and we’re all proud to call it home. The mix of college students, established families, fashion-forward thinkers and adventurous outdoorsmen keeps us on our stylish toes – we like making all of you look and feel amazing. Plus, it’s a total mecca for nature nuts like us.

3) Where should I park?

We have a small lot that usually has an open spot for you, but if it’s full, please use our secondary lot – just a half block away on the corner of 800 N & 500 W (just across the street to the south of the Chevron). A tiny little bit of cardio never hurt anyone.

4) How may I pay?

We take many forms of payment: AmEx, Discover, Visa, Mastercard, cash and checks. Gratuities are appreciated and can be added to your credit card, check or given in cash.

5) Will you watch my toddler while I gossip on my cell?

Shep Studio has what we like to call a “Peacefulness Pact” regarding children and cell phones. Sometimes we have to be blunt: no children under the age of 12 are allowed in the salon; we do this to provide a soothing environment for parents and non-parents. That being said, we know that kids need to look good, too – and we’ll happily see them in the salon if they have an appointment. As for cell phones: we all have them, and sometimes we need to use them. We just ask that you be respectful of others and keep chatting to a minimum.

6) Are you hiring?

Of course! We’re always hiring. We’re always looking for new talent in the form of passionate people who have a great work ethic and strive to always be at their best. For more information, check out our careers page.